Free Shipping for Orders over $200 at EZ Playtime Boutique

FREE SHIPPING on orders over $200! You never regret buying quality, and we know you will be happier owning the best sex toys in the world.

Good quality sex toys are an investment in pleasure. At EZ Playtime Boutique we have seen many times the difference in customer satisfaction after taking home an inexpensive toy versus taking home a better quality toy. And that difference is a big one; the difference between complaints and rave reviews.

We know you will be happier with a better quality toy. And that the best quality toys are expensive. So, to make the decision a little easier for you, we make shipping free for all orders over $200.00.

There are reasons why the top shelf toys tend to be expensive. Most of the cheap toys that you see were made without research or thought. The owners of a company that molds plastics decided to make sex toys, and they copy other designs and churn out product. The emphasis is on quick profit, so they use cheap materials and manufacturing methods. The results are toys that break quickly or don’t work at all, that are oversized or undersized, that have useless “features”, and that wear out, discolor, split, or otherwise degrade through normal or even very light use. Or they don’t get used at all, because they are stupid, the design was inherently stupid from the start.

Don’t get us wrong, there are some very good cheap sex toys, and we will be showcasing them for you. And we believe that inexpensive toys have an important place. they provide a way for people to explore whether or not they like a particular general type of toy or play before investing in better toys. It makes sense, for instance,  to try out a cheap rabbit vibrator or kegel style insertable vibrator before spending 3 to 6 times as much for a really good one.

Just remember to be realistic about your judgments. If you like what an inexpensive rabbit vibe does for you, keep in mind that a high-quality top name rabbit vibrator will be a significantly better experience, and, most importantly, that it will give you many years of satisfaction. Long after that cheap rabbit vibe has discolored and stopped working the high-quality rabbit will still be working perfectly each and every time, and still be looking great.

Not to mention that cheap toys run on batteries, while expensive toys are rechargeable.

You never regret buying real quality. In the long run a long lasting high-quality toy is always much cheaper than a series of broken cheaper toys.

And when you do decide to make the investment in the best sex toys, we are happy to be able to provide Free Shipping on Orders Over $200.00.

EZ Playtime

P.S. Our regular shippng rates are very reasonable too. We have a $5.00 flat rate for UPS Standard Ground, and a $7.00 flat rate for UPS 3-Day Guaranteed.

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