Rope Bondage Cuffs in the Japanese Style


These are truly delightful and extremely useful bondage play cuffs that restrain without pain and chafing while being strong and secure for that frisky slave or sub. Elegant black rope bondage cuffs that work on wrists or ankles equally well.

Crafted from Black 100% cotton Japanese Style Bondage ropes, these soft cuffs are a perfect introduction to rope play for beginners and a fast track to bondage play anytime, anywhere for more experienced users. The ultra simple slip ring design restrains without knots with easy tightening and equally easy release.

The simple slip ring design requires no rigging or knotting experience, while the long loop allows a variety of uses and customization. The soft cotton fibers bend and stretch with the body and slide smoothly across skin for the wearer’s optimal comfort and safety.

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