Our BEST Beginner’s Butt Plug

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The NEXT GENERATION in Butt Plug Design! This unique shape has been generated from thousands of trials and user reports, and, to put it directly, this is the ultimate anal plug. It inserts easily, gently expands the anus ring, then pops through into a seated position that feels utterly comfortable while still actively opening the anus and rectum for further play. This thing can literally stay in all day, without threatening to pop out the way so many butt plugs will do.

The large flanged end is easily manipulated by your partner to give pleasure or humiliation as desired. Its suction cup end will attach firmly enough to smooth surfaces for self-stimulation play, but will also release easily simply by adjusting the angle. The plug withdraws without excess dilation or abrupt transitions, leaving the anus and rectum relaxed and ready for other insertions.

It’s amazing. Seriously.

At 4 inches in length and 1.25 inches diameter, it is small and gentle for a plug in the larger sizes. It’s called a beginner’s plug but players of all levels of experience will love it.

Made of satin smooth, platinum cured silicone, this toy is body safe and easy to clean.

Remember, like all silicone toys, it should not be used with silicone lubricants. Use a good water based lube or an oil based lube. Pro-tip: try coconut oil for a lube experience that is economical and works perfectly with this plug.

EZPLAYTIME strongly recommends the Luxe Beginner Plug from Blush Novelties.

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