The PERFECT STROKE Simulated Vagina Stroker Masturbation Aid


The Perfect Stroke with Vagina Stroker Sleeve and Pump Suction Action Bottle.

The Amazingly simple yet profoundly effective Perfect Stroke! this toy is more than just one of the best masturbation sleeve sex toys ever designed – although it is that, this thing can use it’s pump and suck bottle action to literally suck your cock like a college girl in love.

The revolutionary new technology and design of the Perfect Stroker Vagina can skillfully suck a flaccid penis into its snapper pussy action and suck and squeeze and work that soft cock to a powerful normal orgasm each and every time!

“This new technology allows men to start with a hard or flaccid penis. There’s no need to ‘get ready’ or prime first, as the vacuum suction sucks and strokes, actually pulling the penis in, stroking it and repeating this action with an extremely life-life feeling. Whether you choose the oral, vaginal or anal entry designs, the revolutionary technology delivers a full body orgasm, hard or soft! This unique technology allows men to increase their sexual stamina with repeated use.”

  • Sucks and strokes flaccid and erect penises
  • Perfect for erectile dysfuntion
  • Patented Accumulation Technology ™
  • Ejaculate flaccid or erect
  • Custom Tapered Stroker
  • Discreet tin carrying case
  • Pleasure bumps and ridges for added sensation

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