Eve’s Lucky Bunny Specialized Clitoris Vibrator from Adam & Eve

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Eve’s Lucky Bunny is a personal vibrator designed by women for women. It is modest in size, and has a very notable feature; the Eve’s Lucky Bunny’s two long fingerlike “ears”.  These two ears are designed to be pressed over the clitoris, holding it as if between two vibrating fingers, but those ears will surprise you with pleasure anywhere you put them.

Many women seek a sensation similar to that produced by working fingers on their clitoris. Eve’s Lucky Bunny Vibrator has a unique design that provides the sensation of moving fingers amplified with the vibrations provided by the well known and much loved Adam & Eve multifunction vibration system.

Eve’s Lucky Bunny sports a pair of tender, flexible bunny ears designed for precisely applied and controlled clitoris stimulation. Each ear is a buzzing with 7 different functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation.

This moderately sized vibrator can be used in many other interesting ways as well. When inserted into the body it’s two long ears do very interesting things. It can be rolled and twisted, the years can be doubled back to create a wonderful vibrating rubbing sensation on the G spot, and for those women who are sensitive in the deep end of their vagina the Eve’s Lucky Bunny works a special kind of magic.

At 6.5 inches tall and 1 inch wide this silicone vibe is easy to handle. To power up, just press button for about 3 seconds. To power down, just press the button again for about 3 seconds. The three-second turn on design prevents accidental activation in your drawer or container or luggage. The Lucky Bunny by Adam&Eve is powered by one AAA battery, not included.

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