The HOP TRIX Rabbit Vibrator from Blush in Midnight Blue Color

$72.95 $71.95

This is the Hop Pleasure Bunnies Trix Midnight Blue Rabbit Vibrator, one of the new HOP Rabbit Vibrators from Blush. And like the other HOPS, this is one hell of a vibrator.

It’s designed to be “rumbly”.

  • The Blush HOP TRIX vibrator is rechargeable!
  • The HOP TRIX RABBIT VIBRATOR is waterproof!
  • The TRIX RABBIT VIBRATOR comes with a one year warranty! (That’s a lot of OOOs!)

Rabbit vibrators already have a reputation for results, but they get taken to a new level with the major upgrade in design and technology of the HOP line. The Hop Trix has 2 uniquely shaped and positioned vibration points that more effectively stimulate the clitoris and the G-spot simultaneously with seven vibration patterns, three speeds and four programmed cycles designed to push women over the hump.


This item is made of completely nonporous platinum cured silicone, easy to clean and to care for, long lasting, and the medical grade silicone is completely inert and safe for your body.


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