The Swan Kiss Pink Vibrator featuring an entirely new way to experience your body, the Swan Kiss is a revolution of pleasure. Easier than ever to function, it uses an intuitive and simple control system. Simply put, the more excited you become, the stronger you will squeeze, and the stronger the vibrations will be. Its compact form is perfect for on the go fun and exciting personal discovery. Cute and incredibly satisfying, the Swan Kiss is the perfect blend of power and pleasure. The vibrations for the Swan Kiss occur through Squeeze Me technology. Features: responsive speed control. Speed lock. Mimic mode: create your own vibration pattern. 100% Premium Silicone covered body. Virtually seamless, safe and easy to clean. Waterproof vibrations and submersible. Rechargeable vibrator. 1 year limited warranty and 10 year limited guarantee. Run time 3 hours. Charge time 3 hours.

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