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Pjur Backdoor is a silicone based anal lubricant created for those who prefer intense anal penetration. Pjur Backdoor anal silicone personal lubricant is for penile, vaginal, and anal application intended to moisturize and lubricate, to enhance the ease and quickness of intimate sexual activity.

Pjur Backdoor Anal contains a 100ml of sex lubricant or approximately 3.4 fluid ounces. (EZPlaytime Staff Tip: Use less than you think you might need. And have good absorbent towels or paper towels handy, this stuff is incredibly slippery. Don’t spill it on the floor. Plan out where you will place the bottle after applying it. We suggest having a heavy bottom jar or bowl to place it in. If it gets on the floor clean it up well with multiple soap and water scrubbings. Yes. It’s supernaturally slippery. And it’s precious stuff. You don’t want to run out of it. It’s just that good.)

Only a few drops are needed. Never gets sticky or dries out. Leaves your skin soft and smooth. Non-irritating and does not block skin pores. This product made without fats, fragrances, paraben, preservatives or water. Jojoba: jojoba supports your skin with additional flexibility and softness.

Pjur Backdoor Glide is CE-certified and is safe to use with latex condoms. When paired with Pjur Backdoor Spray, it forms a perfect team. Ingredients: dimethicone, dimethiconol, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, amyris balsamifera bark oil. Made in Germany.

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