Want to make your Bachelorette party a hit? We dare you not to have fun with this exciting and hilarious Bachelorette party game. From mild to outrageous, the secret party dares will provide hours of amusing entertainment for everyone. Warning: side splitting laughter may occur Turn red with embarrassment as you and your friends flash your undergarments to complete strangers, intentionally pinch a guys butt but pretend it was an accident, keep a straight face while you hit on guys that you have absolutely no interest in, and get giddy as you consume alcohol in new and inventive ways. How to Play: The Bachelorette decides how the game will be played. The pull-tabs can either be equally distributed by the Bachelorette at the beginning of the party, giving each party goer the entire night to complete their dares, or the Bachelorette can takes turns giving each partygoer, including herself, one dare at a time. Another fun alternative is to have the Bachelorette choose a dare card, read it aloud, then assign the dare to a party member of her choosing. Either way, this game will get the party started and have everyone laughing all night long. Samples:Buy a guy a drink and tell him hes cute! Get a guy to dance naughty for you! Get two guys to dance with you. Hey hunk, can I get your phone #? Tell a guy, you look overdressed, how about removing your underwear? Hey hottie, wanna dance with me? Watch me Flash my bra (or a little more). Listen to me sing out loud (any requests?). Hey handsome, can I grab your butt? Wanna do a body shot with me? Hey, Mr. Clean (Baldy), wanna dance? Hey, Grandpa, wanna dance? Hey, Big boy, wanna dance? (Please Drink Responsibly) Package is changing from IOU Bachelotte to IOU Bride. Spread old, stacked new 17

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