The Amazing PALM POWER RECHARGEABLE! Powerful Long-Lasting Waterproof Vibrator Wand.

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The #1 Vibrator in Europe!


Our customers RAVE about the power and the usability of this ultra-potent little hand-sized vibrator. More importantly, our partners LOVE it! One can hold it in place while the other moves, without straining the wrists or interfering with the pleasure. It’s true power in a little package, and the perfect size for orgasmic couple’s sex!

Its revolutionary new speed control system goes from throb to OH MY GOD with an easy press of one button. It’s long lasting battery really holds a charge, so no more running out of power just before the magic moment. And the advanced motor delivers power that before was only possible with a giant wand. When you try it, you’ll never let it go!

The PalmPower Recharge has a black handle with vibrant fuchsia silicone caps and neck, packaged in a slim, informative box. Included in the box is the PalmPower Recharge, an instruction manual and a 40 inches USB recharging cord. Simply press the pin into the bottom of the PalmPower Recharge, let it completely charge, unplug it and hold on!

For those who want a little more wildness and fun, try the PalmPower attachments.
The new PalmPower Recharge works with all the original corded PalmPower Attachments using the same T lock guide to keep the attachments secure and in place during use. Easily pop the interchangeable attachments off and replace with any other one when needed for different sensations. Look for links to the attachments below.

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