Unlike AMAZON. we don’t build a profile on you


We don’t track you.
We don’t build a profile on you.
We don’t keep your data.
We don’t sell your data to everyone.
We don’t store your data in the BIG DATA computers forever.

This is our privacy policy. Except for the email address we collect for our mailing list, and the ID and Password for your account, if you make one, we keep no personal data.

You are welcome to create an account with a fake name.

Your order is placed, and when we are certain that your order is completed your data is deleted. This is about a 30 day period

Paypal and the service that handles our Credit Card processing for Paypal, Braintree, does keep your data. It has to, in order to tkew your payments. But we never see any of that. It is entered on our pages through an encrypted connection that locks us away from it and protects you and your credit card information with multiple layers of security.

Paypal then sends us back your mailing address so that we can mail you your purchases.

Here is what Amazon collects on you, and keeps.


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